Eco-friendly Holi (Eco Friendly Colours)

March 15, 2014

As we all know festivals are meant for fun and enjoyment and bring positive changes in our lives.  Festivals can be enjoyed only when we are celebrating them in better ways, keeping ourselves, our belongings and environment safe and clean.

With Eco Friendly Holi, we meant to say, celebrating Holi Festival, in a traditional way, using natural colours and moreover by keeping our environment safe, clean and our earth a better place to live.

Holi is celebrated in the season of spring which is known as the best season, full of beautiful colours all around, beautiful flowers, butterflies and all and a pleasent atmosphere where it's neither too cool, hot or humid. As we all know that festival of Holi is celebrated with colours and water and is famous as festival of colours.  Over the years celebration of this festival has also commercialized with the entry of lots of chemical colours, mechanized water systems and toys and yes for some people festival means a time to have unlimited liquor and other similar kind of drinks.

In prior times when celebration festivals were less marketed Holi colors were readied from the blooms of trees that bloomed throughout spring, for example, the Indian Coral Tree (parijat) and the Flame of the Forest (Kesu), both of which have splendid red blossoms. These and a few different blooms gave the crude material from which the splendid shades of Holi colours were made. The vast majority of these trees additionally had medicinal properties and Holi colors readied from them were really useful to the skin.

Throughout the years, with the vanishing of trees in urban zones and more excellent anxiety for higher benefits these common colours came to be displaced by modern colors fabricated through synthetic methodologies.

To play eco-friendly holi, check how you can make natural colours for holi.

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